Your success requires skilled, motivated workers—and you can help put them in the Pipeline.


You have a vital role to play in inspiring high school and community college students and helping them find their career path. Call it enlightened self-interest—you have good jobs for skilled workers, so where are those workers going to come from? The Pipeline. So get proactive and partner with us.

There are several options.

You can host a career day—Pipeline will help you put together a career day that brings a group of interested, motivated students to your office or facility. Workplace tours allow students to engage with the work and the possibilities in ways that can’t be done in the classroom. They also allow you to feature the jobs within your company and the skills needed to find success.

You can bring your work and the opportunities you offer into the classroom.
Visit a high school and talk with students about your job, career path and job advice, and about your company and what’s possible. Many students are unaware of the wide array of great careers out there, and classroom presentations broaden their sense of possibility and help them make better-informed decisions about their future. Email us if you’re willing to talk with students.

We can help connect you with students eager to take advantage of apprenticeships, internships, mentorships and more. Pipeline will connect you with your future workforce in the best ways for your business. Contact us to get started.