There are lots of paths to success—
Pipeline is all about the fast lane.

Great local jobs are out there. Lots of them. In fact, local companies are planning to add over 1,000 highly-paid employees over the next five years. And most of the good jobs in the new economy DON’T require a four-year college degree—or four years of college debt. What they DO require is advanced training and specialized skills beyond a high-school degree. Maybe that’s a certificate, or maybe a two-year program at a community college, or maybe employer-sponsored training—Pipeline was created to help students, employers and educators discover a path that puts young people on the most direct line from school to a rewarding job with a bright future.

The Albany Area Chamber of Commerce began this initiative by convening the Workforce Development Taskforce. During the process of defining the needs of local business and industry, the committee developed a plan to combine their efforts with local education to provide more comprehensive training options for local students. Also as a result of their efforts, Pipeline was developed to provide a single source for students, educators, parents and industry to access information and opportunity.

Our Staff

Josefine Fleetwood
Pipeline Director, Albany Area Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Director

Kathleen Magnuson
Workforce Specialist, East Linn County Pipeline Program Manager

Janet Steele
Pipeline Advisor, Albany Area Chamber of Commerce President

Our Funding

Pipeline is unique in its funding. Through the generous contributions of local businees and industry members., along with financial and advisory assistance from Greater Albany Public Schools, Linn-Benton Community College and Linn County. Pipeline became a reality.